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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 12, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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goes the buzz saw. things like that happen in china all the time. need child safety rules there. >> ohio state, oregon we're in for the buckeyes. >> we're in for the buckeyes. have a great night, everybody. "happening now" starts right now. bye. >> france on high alert as a massive search is underway for possible accomplices after three days of terror left 17 innocent people dead in paris. hope you're off to a great day. >> this is "happening now." on sunday 44 world leaders joined more than a million people on the streets of paris for a historic unity rally and show of support for victims of the charlie hebdo newspaper. for four people murder at a coacher market on friday in paris. now france is mobilizing 10,000 soldiers to protect its people
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in the face of new terror threats. rick leventhal joins us live from paris. rick? >> it's a dramatic and unprecedented show of force by french authorities dispatching 10,000 soldiers and thousands of police officers to add a layer of security around sensitive sites, primarily synagogues and jewish schools around france because of concerns about new threats motivated by anti-semitism. the largest jewish population, 700 schools and investigators now believe one of those schools may have been the original target of the man who instead killed a policewoman last thursday before storming the kosher store on friday killing four before he was killed by french special forces reportedly shot 40 times. he left behind a video calling for more attacks. the victims of the grocery and the 12 killed at the charlie hebdo newspaper were honored by millions yesterday and the
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largest demonstration in french history. 1 1/2 million people filling streets in the center of paris, part of the unity march, many carries thousands of pens and pencils insisting they won't be en tim -- intimidated and they won't abandon speech. now it's believed that the woman is in syria. video shows her entering turkey with another man. her cell phone was tracked to the syrian border and authorities believe that's where she's hiding now in syria. >> rick thank you. >> for more on this let's bring in the former c.i.a. operations operator and the former head of wmb terrorism unit. let's talk about priority here. when we come to the list of priorities about what should be
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attack, where does finding the widow fall? how high of a priority is that today? >> you know, i think we would like to find her but i think it would be a mistake to try to narrow this down to the idea that there are some finite group of three or four individuals to be worried about. i mean i would be much more worried right now about the cells that they don't know exist yet. >> and how do you find out about the cells? how do you find them? >> ultimately this is all about intelligence. this is about having sources. some of that is technical but ultimately it's really about human sources. it's about doing the leg work and doing it the old fashioned way with shoe leather. >> you say we need to be more aggressive here at home. how so? >> well what we have is a series of attacks that have occurred now and in all of these cases, what we see when we start digging into it afterward is that there were plenty of indications before the attack occurred that the individuals in
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question were radicalizing and heading down the road toward staging attacks and they were allowed to remain on the street and prepare and then afterwards were basically doing cleanup. we have to get out of that cycle. we have to get ahead of it and start taking these guys off the street before they act. >> to be proactive in that way, what will it take here at home? >> well it's going to take intelligence collection and it's going to take more than just technical collection. it will take human sources. it's also just going to take an approach that is willing to dispense, if you will, with a little bit of political correctness and go after individuals that are radicalizing and clearly being drawn into islamic extremism. >> there's -- as rick was reporting, there were 10,000 extra security forces on the ground in paris today and i wonder, charles, your opinion on that. if three terrorists can cause a reaction in this way in paris 10,000 extra people on the streets, that's obviously the government wanting to show they
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are being proactive, they are being -- putting the safety of their -- the public first. i wonder what the message is to the enemy if three terrorists cause that type of reaction. what do you think about that? >> well i think you're absolutely right when you say this is a case of the government want to gog go -- wanting to put on a show for the public. all of this will add to additional attacks. the challenge is to find something that we can sustain, not something to put thousands of people on the streets for a few days or weeks and then we go to sleep again. we have to find a sustainable response. >> you keep on coming back to this. good old fashioned shoe leather spying, if you will creating the right sources and neighborhoods to make sure you have tabs on who you need to know could be a threat to the general public. with your experience in the c.i.a., charles, how good of a job are we at that now and do we
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have the resources to have the sustainability that you say we need? >> i think we have the resources. i think it could be done. i don't think we're going to stop every shot on goal. but we can do a much better job. what kind of job are we doing right now? not good enough. we are not putting enough focus on that. we are not collecting enough human intelligence. >> is that because of politics do you believe, or because of something else? >> combination of things. part of it is politics. re reluctance to get the sources. >> we rely so much on technology these days as you point out, sometimes you just go back to what's been proven to work over the years. charles, great to see you as always. thank you. >> we want to bring you new information on the crash of air asia flight 8501. divers finding the jet's black boxes. they have pulled one of them from the wreckage and they say
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they've located the other underneath the water. both will be the most crucial evidence in helping investigators learn exactly what brought down that plane. david is live in bangkok, thailand. david? >> yes. improved weather and the hard work of those search and recovery teams is now paying dividends and the recovery of that flight data recorder is a major step in finding out what exactly happened to the plane. now, the flight data recorder was found on the sea bed beneath part of the tail section of the plane. the data it holds could explain why it was lost in bad weather over the java sea. >> right now the progress is good. but it depends through the memory inside the broken ship. i'm sure that according to our experience that these planes can be often --
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[inaudible] >> search teams also believe they have located the cockpit voice recorder the second of the plane's black boxes but divers haven't managed to retrieve it yet. the air asia flight with 162 people on board disappeared off radar screens december 28 on route from indonesia to singapore. dozens of bodies have been recovered from the sea but the main fuselage of the plane has still not been found. it could contain the remains of many of those who were on board. the tail of the plane was recovered oef the weekend. and indonesian officials say that every part of the plane indicates that the aircraft exploded as it hit the water. back to you, jon. >> david piper reporting from bangkok. thank you. >> police make an arrest after the mother of two young children go missing. the person investigators are questioning as they desperately search for this woman, we'll tell you about that. and more than 40 world leaders link arms for a unity rally in paris after the deadly terror
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>> take a look at crime stories. jury selection begins in the trial of a suspend west virginia school superintendent accused of misleading police during a rape investigation. mike mcveigh allegedly destroying data during a school investigation into the rape of a 16-year-old by two high school football players in 2012. in the meantime search for missing mother kisha hamilton continues but her two children are safe. she was last seen in delaware. children's father was arrested in indiana with the children and he's being questioned by police. over in idaho, investigators are looking at a laptop taken from the suspect's car after a deadly shooting spree. 29-year-old john lee is accused of killing three people and
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injuring two other. they're hoping a computer will give us a motive. >> powerful image as more than 40 world leaders linked arms and went through the streets of paris. the rally largest in france's history. more than a million people along with those world leaders showing solidarity and defiance. after 17 innocent people were killed in the paris terror attacks. the leader of the free world noticably absent leaving people to wonder where was president obama? joining us now is bret baier the anchor of "special report." we know where he wasn't. he wasn't on the streets of paris with benjamin netanyahu and other world leaders. where was he? >> he was at the white house. he did not have a schedule that was public, nothing on the schedule. vice president biden was in delaware.
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his home state and you had secretary kerry who was in india, previous commitment. you had attorney general eric holder who was in paris meeting with the interior ministry there but did not attend that march. some of the people he was meeting with actually went to the march and the attorney general did not. so that's where the criticism is coming from. the optics of this as you mentioned, this administration does have an issue with this. the president has conceded it in the past. you may remember back in august when the james foley murder happened the decapitation the president made the statement and then went and played golf and he told "meet the press" back then, i should have anticipated the optics. part of the job is the theater of it. it's not something that comes naturally to me but it matters. i'm mindful of that. it's happened numerous times. this was a big one that there wasn't a u.s. presence not necessarily president obama but vice president biden, secretary kerry or the attorney general.
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>> and he is getting criticized for it in newspapers around the world. new york daily news just one of many headlines, they wrote, you let the world down but there are others, you know, "wall street journal" pointed out the absence of the president and vice president, "the washington post" wrote the charlie hebdo march, where were the american leaders? what are they saying at the white house about why they didn't go? >> well, on background, so far they're saying a couple of things. one thing is that the u.s. ambassador to france was there and present. two they were concerned about the security package it would require for the president or the vice president to be there. that second explanation, you know, when you look at that lineup of world leaders, more than 40 of them, islamic terrorist would probably like to take out the israeli prime minister if they could so the security likely was very tight
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for all of those world leaders. and it will be interesting to see the white house publicly deal with this pushback. i think that eventually they're hoping it just all blows over but it's all part of this do they get the optics of the office seven years -- you know 6 1/2 years in. >> the president to france obviously there. the israeli prime minister as you point out was there and if anybody would have a security worry at a place like this or at a time like this benjamin netanyahu would be one of them. the president could jump on air force one and fly anywhere he wants to on a moment's notice. is the security -- i'm sorry. is the secret service driving the train here or does the president have the power to overrule them? we don't know what the back story is. security was part of this decision. whether the president went or didn't, you had vice president
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biden who often could travel on behalf of the administration many places and secretary kerry obviously was in india but the big one for most people is that the attorney general was there in paris and just to be included in that photo on the front pages of papers around the world i think you have a lot of people in washington saying that would have been a good thing for the u.s. biggest part going forward is the cooperation with france to go after these terrorists and to make sure it doesn't happen again and that the administration is saying is happening. >> especially when the united states has asked so much of our european allies both in afghanistan and iraq. you know, taking on the war on terror has really been a global effort and for the president to stand back on this one seems a little bit -- well as aaron david miller who is a frequent guest on the program noted he calls it politically tone deaf. >> you're going to hear a lot of
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that today. i don't know how long it's going to last but it is another example of as with you mentioned, that perhaps not seeing the import of these big events in the world eyes. >> bret baier, much more ahead tonight on special report, 6:00 p.m. eastern. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, jon. >> a new twist in the decades old disappearance of two sisters. the girls mysteriously vanished from a shopping mall in 1975. now investigators hope a new clue will crack this cold case. plus is the third time the charm for mitt romney? former presidential nominee says he's considering another run for the white house. we'll talk about what could be a very crowded republican field in 2016 with karl rove next. right! now you're gonna ask for my credit card - - so you can charge me on the down low two weeks later look, credit karma - are you talking to websites again? this website says 'free credit scores'. oh. credit karma! yeah, it's really free.
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>> investigators are asking for help solving a decades old disappearance in virginia. case recently reopened after police were able to identify a person of interest. they are searching a nearby area for the girls' remains but they still say they need more information. >> investigative work of this task force regardless of the outcome of today's effort will be as tenacious as humanly possible with the target of locating these children and providing the parents closure in this nightmare that no parent should be forced to endure. >> grand jury began reviewing evidence in the case in october. >> road to the white house could be crowded as mitt romney now says he's considering a third run for president. but with several high profile republicans already testing the waters, 2016 could be very
8:23 am
different and a different race than previously. i know you talked about this on "fox nowed sunday." for those like jon too focused on the broncos game i would like to know how do you feel when you hear mitt romney could give it another try? >> well, look. go ahead new -- good news is that the republican side big names are all thinking about running unlike previous contests where they took a pass. bad news is that the big names are all talking about running. it will be a very crowded field. we have i think it's 23 people who talked about running for president or who are being -- who themselves have said they're interested in running and this is going to place a premium on people and on money and on time and as a result, i think we're likely to see a bunch of these candidates enter the race later rather than sooner at this point in 2012 and 2008 we had a
8:24 am
number of people already forming their committees and raising money. we'll delay the beginning of where to start the clock and i think they'll also try to find ways to economyize, depend on super pacs or use leadership pacs like jeb bush is looking to sort of look -- pay the costs for the months between now and the time that he makes a decision >> that's all very interesting but what about mitt romney specifically? do you think that's a wise decision for him to give it a try? do you think he has a shot? >> look he certainly has a shot. he was the republican nominee in 2012 so he has a lot of advocates and followers. having made the statement last friday, he's going to have to show some evidence that he's serious about this and that this just wasn't teasing people. and the second thing is look. it's like richard nixon who lost in 1960. it took him eight years to get back to a place where he became the republican nominee and he had to prove that he was
8:25 am
different and had changed and the same thing will be there for mitt romney. he'll have to say, look. i get why i lost last time around and i'm making changes that will make you feel like i'm a better candidate. it's a natural order of things. ronald reagan did it between 1976 and 1980. he was focused on knocking down henry kissinger on foreign policy. by 1980 he was talking about raw tax cuts. >> we'll wait and see if it's more than just a political tease, as you say. "new york times" had an interesting article about jeb bush. here is what the "new york times" had to say even short of that best case. they were talking about the best case sen aircenario for jeb bush. they say his early aggressiveness is probably damaging to the prospects of cristwilliam kristolycrist -- chris christie and others. >> i'll write about it this week in the "wall street journal" and
8:26 am
one of the things i want to focus on is how different it is from previous contests. i think we're going to have a bigger contest than republicans have had in the past with serious candidates running serious campaigns, raising a significant amount of money and focussing on messages. you know we won't have people who only show up for the debates. there won't be 26 debates. there won't be 21 debates. there will be five or six debates. we'll have a lot of serious candidates and the question is going to be, how is that going to make this different? one thing that will be different about this contest is that everybody will be judged on how they handle the dynamics of the campaign. how do they handle success and diversity the next 12 months 13 months between now and the time of the republican -- we start going to february 1 of next year? >> and one wonders how does one handle a campaign really translate into how one serves as commander in chief. it's all politics i guess. but it will be an interesting race to watch. just quickly, do you think any of the candidates -- because you mentioned there are so many.
8:27 am
almost two dozen potential candidates. do you think any slid off from the republican party and potentially could run as an independent? >> no. i don't. i don't. look. running as an independent is very difficult in modern american politics and i don't see any of these people -- i see all as loyal republicans who want to run as a republican nominee and who will support the republican nominee. i think it's slim and the horse is getting ready to ride out of town. >> that sounds good. you sound convincing. sorry about the cowboys, by the way. hate to bring it up but, you know, sorry about that. >> it's a texas team. in my "wall street journal" column, i predict the seahawks to win the super bowl so i guess i'm stuck being a reluctant seahawks fan so my prediction is right. >> there you go. you're fair to your prediction. any predictions tonight? ducks? buckeyes? >> i also put ohio state would win the national championship. i also -- they didn't let me put
8:28 am
this in the column but nobody ought to rely on my predictions about popular culture, music or sports. >> i remember that. pop culture. >> but i love ohio state. >> we'll see if you're right. good to have the predictions and thanks for the analysis as always. thank you. >> and i'll be at the game tonight in dallas rooting for my predictions. >> sounds good. >> thanks. >> from a discussion of the white house race to the supreme court, and a major case being heard there now. at stake whether churches can use public spaces to direct worshippers to services. we'll have a live report on that. we will also look at the impact of last week's massacre at a french newspaper on journalists everywhere. will it lead to self censorship? a fair and balanced debate.
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jenna: right new a quick look at what is to come still on "happening now." how that kind of impact will have on the ways reports do their job is a big question for your media panel coming up. how plunging oil prices affecting the market after last week's huge drop. charlie gasparino joins us. a distraught father who cause ad tense standoff over the weekend. why police say they had to resort to some drastic measures to bring it to an end. breaking now the supreme court hearing arguments in a major case regarding religious speech. whether churches can put up
8:33 am
signs in public places directing people to their services. shannon bream joins us with more. >> reporter: hi. i just stepped out of the arguments wrapping up. there was a church in arizona, meets in temporary locations high school gym or cafeteria. they light to put up directional signs and invite people to church and point them to show how to get to the services of the town of gilbert arizona has very strict ordinances with with regard to signs. different signs get different treatment. political signs commercial times, different sizes and times they can be displayed. the church challenged this ordinance mechanism. they got in trouble 10 years ago, their little signs directing people to services can only be up 12 hours in advance of the event and have to be taken down afterwards. whereas political signs can stay up for months. justice alito who argued and asked questions how that makes
8:34 am
sense. if the service would start on a sunday morning at 10:00 a.m., so you're telling me first time they could put the times would be up on 10 p.m. saturday after dark where people who may be looking for church service or church would want to notify by the next day will probably not drive around to see those in the night before. across the idealogical i detect attracted a lot of cynicism, by justices and how it treats one form of speech different than another. something tough to get back constitutional muster. they will vote secretly later this week and by the end of june we'll know about this particular case. jenna: shannon thanks as always. >> reporter: you got it. jon: journalism and the paris attacks. journalists are banning together in the wake of the attack on the "charlie hebdo" newspaper. joining to protect freedom of speech more than ever.
8:35 am
here is scott pelley had to say last week. >> why freedom to publish and freedom to speak absolute? there is no democracy without journalism. jon: media panel today, alon cames, the host of "the alan colmes show," tammy bruce, radio talk show host, es both of them fox news contributors. what do you think of the reaction thus far from western media to the attacks and the you know, the overall terror situation in paris? >> look, the reaction has been very strong, unlike reaction which made virtually know news of boko haram killing upwards of perhaps 2,000 people at the same time. so it as affected them directly. so it is understandable. at the same time it's we're all upset but this whole notion of that we're all charlie doesn't really ring true when even the cartoonists drawing the cartoons against them are depicting the terrorists as generic individuals in masks, where no one is really depicting muhammad
8:36 am
or islam. the original magazine that published the cartoons in 2005 says we're not going to be doing it because yes violence has won, we're afraid. a magazine in germany has been firebombed just within this last week. so it is important because of course this is what fascists do. they need the media to not speak about the enemy. they need also western civilization to be willing to question the very tenet that allows us to live in a democracy. scott pelley, i have to say for the mainstream media i do i agree that journalism is required for democracy but we have an american journalist framework in the mainstream media thrown its lot in with one side. their job is to question authority. their job is to reveal the enemy and expose them. why islamists in this case want to shut them down. jon: should the media be, reprinting those "charlie hebdo" cartoons? >> absolutely. i hope everybody does. the more people that do it, less chance any one person or one
8:37 am
media outlet will be attacked. as you pointed out german magazine was attacked just today. i think it is very important to make the statement we'll not be cowed by terrorist the and you would say, terrorists would win if we suddenly say, okay, we'll not publish this because we're afraid and let the other side win. it is very important everybody stand you. as we saw in paris yesterday, a million strong including leaders who normally don't hold hands and stand for the same thing. that is how important it is. jon: why so reluctance to take on radical islam or whatever you want to talk it? as a christian i get offended by some articles and cartoons "charlie hebdo" has published. i see some of them mocking jesus christ but i don't go in with an kk 47 and slaughter people. >> "charlie hebdo" is the european version of "mad" magazine. they go after everybody. sometimes it was childish and smart and so the expression was
8:38 am
we can do this and we should and they like mocking religion in general. violence has an impact on people. i think also journalists and other communities in the world see that there is no real concerted reaction to terrorists in the world. they're wondering who would be, who would stand with us? what our communities stand with us? would our government stand with us? why is there no reaction, why is the united states just blowing up few trucks as opposed to really killing the enemy? it is difficult when you don't see real commitment fighting this war when clearly the enemy thinks it is a war. >> i don't know what you mean for commitment to fighting terrorism. we're in iraq for 200th time. fighting terrorists in afghanistan all over the world. >> that is the problem. this is a two year fight against isis and against boko haram. >> problem we spent too much in a time where the terrorists have moved on from that country. >> but that is the past. this is now. we can eliminate this within, it
8:39 am
should be, you got boko haram situation, we all agree on these things. >> you will not eliminate terrorism. you will not eliminate all the bad actors. >> it is just fascism. we obliterated it last century. >> part of living in free society and open society there is at that risk security will never cover anything and in a free world and a free and open society there is always going to be bad actors. jon: but are we a very proand open society if we're scared topublish cartoons? >> no, we're not. if we don't publish, you doesn't have to agree with it. we're not talking about whether you agree or don't agree with "charlie hebdo," compare it to a "mad" magazine, not a very serious political magazine. doesn't matter whether you agree with it. but the right to publish and need to publish to show we're not cowed. >> the that is the notion of the first amendment. the free expression you wouldn't need it if we all agreed. you need it when you don't. >> that's correct.
8:40 am
safe speech is easy to protect. >> fascism we have been able to eliminate in the last century. we should be able to eliminate bit in this one if we're not bound by political correctness that is pushed for decade and we somehow worshiped aggrieved. western civilization has to address that particular dynamic. jon: so there are those who say that, you know this particular attack has drawn the kind of attention it did because the press were attacked. >> that is probably true. the press protects its own but it's a greater statement about democracy as you played the clip from cbs morning news scott pelley, it goes to the heart of what a democratic society is, democratic small d of course freedom of the press and freedom to publish oneself and reason it is called the first amendment to give us the right to do so to protick the most heinous kind of speech. >> they felt power to do so with this cell activated there is such lack of reaction. we grow used to mass murder we
8:41 am
see in the middle east and in africa. this is all together. if they think that 2,000 dead africans doesn't matter, the press and western civilization better care because we're all interlinked. jon: tammy bruce, alan colmes, thank you both. >> thank you. jon: firefighters called to a home explosion. what might have caused a massive fire that destroyed this house. and oil prices continue to fall. so what does it mean for your 401(k)? there is a connection here. we'll tell you about it coming up. hought "wow, how is there no way to tell the good from the bad?" so we gave people the power of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress. and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with our angie's list app. visit today. ♪
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jenna: let's check out what's ahead on "outnumbered" at the top the hour. hi ladies. >> hi, jenna. >> the white house is blasted after dozens world leaders joined millions of french citizens for a unity march but no high-ranking officials showed up from the u.s. why not. >> mitt romney considering a third run for the white house of the what does that mean for the rest gop field and hillary clinton. >> coaches for one team in
8:45 am
tonight's college football championship, get this harris, they don't yell at their players s that the best way to deal with young millenials. >> how does that hit? don't hit the fellow? stop it. >> i like a little yelling. i need yelling. they're yelling at me now. >> exactly. all that plus our hashtag lucky guy. "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. jenna: we look forward to it. jon: firefighters believe a gas leak might have cause ad house to explode in indianapolis. when crews arrived the home was engulfed in flames. two houses next door also in danger. power had to be cut off to the area while firefighters tried to put out the blaze. officials say it sounded like an explosion when the fire broke out and crews reported the smell of gas in the area. we're happy to report to one was injured. jenna: talk a little bit what is going on with your money today. the price of oil continues to fall this morning as goldman sachs cuts its forecast for oil prices. that could certainly impact
8:46 am
things. the dow trading lower not as bad as last week when we saw several negative hundred points. we have from the fox business network, charlie gasparino. i'm quoting you. wall street is in a bit after freak out with lower oil prices. should we be freaked out as well. >> they like to throw more in the media to enhance its own position. there will be impact on stock market because of low oil prices. why is that? oil stocks are big components of the major indexes like big oil companies. of the stock price will go down as they earn less money. that is just a give. with lower interest rates and it makes commodity price as little cheaper as well. you throw all this together and you will have an impact on the stock market. i would just say this. for the last eight years primarily under the obama administration, take out the financial crisis, the fat cats on wall street have done pretty good. the dow has gone from 6,000 to close to 18,000. the average american has had
8:47 am
smaller, lower wages. it had difficult time getting good jobs and right now because of lower oil prices translating into lower gas prices they're getting a massive tax cut. that is a good thing. jenna: let me ask you about that. a a lot of voices including conservative voices like charles krauthamer is now is the time to install a gas tax give us a break and that would be good for the future stability of markets. what do you think about that. >> a lot of smart people make that point. they don't say gas prices, that it is bad to have lower gas and oil prices if we want to build roads and bridges, want a gas tax is good way to do that, to improve the nation's infrastructure. i think that is worthy debate to have. i don't agree with that. i think taxes are too high. state and local governments are supposed to handle some of this stuff. i will say this, complete and
8:48 am
total freakout of wall street is very short term because here's the thing. the wait the markets are supposed to work, some of it is my opinion but i talk to a lot of economists yes the oil stocks take a hit but as people spend more money, consumer stocks should go up. that should balance it out. we'll see what happens. jenna: do you think price of oil trading around $46 a barrel and it continues to go down today do you think that is the actual price a realistic price for a barrel of crude or do you think that is just traders at work right now and the dollar amount doesn't really matter? >> traders at work set the price of oil. yes, i think it is reflects a general movement that oil prices are going down and that is translating into the pump. here is where it gets kind of tricky. we've had a shale gas revolution in this country. a lot of that has been financed by banks and things of that nature. if that, if you, this is where the economy could take a little bit of a hit here. again, short term. when prices keep going down a
8:49 am
lot of banks lend money to these shale gas producers. if they should happen to go out of business in a massive amount, that will have impact on the economy. you will see companies go out of business because of lower oil prices. prices are crashing so low. that will have an impact. medium term, short-term impact. still i haver in seen a time in this country, i'm over 50, so let's say last 50 years -- jenna: no, come on. >> where lower oil prices wasn't good for the economy. when was there a lime there wasn't correlation with low gas prices and economy. jenna: i have never seen it in my 25 years. >> say my 25 years, 26 years. jenna: be interesting to see if it debates the keystone pipeline in the senate and the house. good to see you anytime, any age. charlie gasparino. from the fox business network. go to
8:50 am jon: i like filling my truck up for less than 50 bucks. jenna: it is a nice surprise. jon: used to be 80 or above. a dangerous standoff as an armed man barricades himself inside of a hospital room. why he did it and how this ended. plus republicans giving a fresh coat of paint you might say to no child left behind, raising the political stakes in the race for the white house in 2016. a response from the administration as well. we'll talk about it with campaign karl next. you just got a big bump in miles. so this is a great opportunity for an upgrade. sound good? great. because you're not you you're a whole airline... and it's not a ticket you're upgrading it's your entire operations, from domestic to international... which means you need help from a whole team of advisors. from workforce strategies to tech solutions and a thousand other things. so you call pwc.
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jenna: right now new information on a terrifying standoff at a texas hospital. police say that a man who barricaded himself inside of his son's hospital room was armed and pointed the gun at a nurse.
8:54 am
earlier reports said he was unarmed but, that indeed was not the case. he eventually surrendered. that was not a sure thing at the time. >> he was threatening. i don't have all the details as far as how he was threatening others but it was a situation that required a high-risk operations unit to be contacted to get the situation under control. he did remain in the patient's room and would not exit the patient's room, which in and of itself was concerning. so fortunately he was taken into custody without any further incident. jenna: we don't know all the details obviously. the suspect, george pickering was upset over his son's condition. he has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. jon: a new push from republicans in congress to overhaul no child left behind, the signature education law passed under president george w. bush. the changes could have a major impact on the race for the
8:55 am
white house in 2016. chief political correspondent carl cameron live in d.c. with that. hi, carl. >> this is big deal for former florida governor jeb bush who is under fire from conservatives for his support of common core federal education standards which a lot of conservatives amounts to federal government takeover of local control. education secretary arne duncan called for scrapping the 14-year-old bush administration no child left behind law reducing standardized testing which often takes time away from actual learning and causes teachers to teach to the tests. listen. >> we'll urge congress that states set limits on amount of time sped on state and districtwide standardized testing and notify parents if they exceed both limits. >> the white house insists reforms will continue to hold teachers and schools accountable and they want congress to approve additional $2.7 billion in next year's education budget to improve education for low income and minority and disabled
8:56 am
students considered the most vulnerable. they're casting it as matter of educational fairness. no child left behind passed with broad bipartisan report lack in 2002. duncan predicted this time around that education reform will be a might. >> i believe we may have fundamental differences with some congressional republicans whether or not the quality education of every child, regardless of zip sewed where they live is in the essential interests of our nation. >> reporter: gop congress plans to overhaul no child left behind as well but they are expected to cut and trim federal regulations, not create more red tape. the president may be hard to veto conservative bill given republicans control both house of congress he is sort of a lame duck situation now. they are proposing republicans will a whole bunch of new school choice vouchers, et cetera things the obama administration has been supportive in
8:57 am
experimenting. it will be interesting to see if they go along with republican plans to implement those. jon: interesting to watch. carl cameron, thank you. jenna: convicted murderer jody arias could be schwerner fate.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> we'll see you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered." here with us today -- and today's hashtag one lucky guy former massachusetts senator and fox news contributor, scott brown. he's back and outnumbered. welcome back. >> great to be back. great to see you. happy new year. >> happy new yeerp. >> you don't officially have a nickname yet from the "outnumbered" crew. >> we were working on that before the show. >> after you send it out there, people will be happy to give you


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